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So it turns out that this is just a regular episode, and not the rumored one-hour special.

To be honest, I find this even harder to review than the latest SAO episode. The fight scenes were well-choreographed as always, yes, but some important parts were left out. Quetzalcotl’s love for fighting was not explain much, and neither was Fujimaru’s actual plan.

As far as I remember, the beginning scene with Gilgamesh’s past was not in the game, though I might have to rewatch the playthrough to be sure. In any case, the main highlight here is not just the fight scenes, but the another sweet night chat between Ishtar and Fujimaru.

Overall, an 8/10 for me.

And this begins my two-week hiatus from reviewing FGO Babylonia since the next two episodes will be recaps. See you guys in January when the anime resumes airing its episodes!

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