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This is one wild episode! For one, the animation has DRASTICALLY improved! I really don’t know how to properly explain it, but the quality here is much, much better than the last four episodes. Of course, it can never be on the level of Ufotable. But compared to other studios like J.C. Staff, what Cloverworks did here is marvelous.


There are two highlight characters in this episode, and one minor: Quezalcotl, Jaguar Man, and to a lesser extent, Ishtar.


Quezalcotl was exactly the same as she was in the game. Her mannerisms, her antics. All on point. Though the fight scene with her is short, this is merely a tease of what is to come. As a side note, I’m not exactly familiar with all of FGO’s voice actors, especially since I often play with no sound. I’m not even familiar with Q’s voice because I don’t have her and I’m not using my friend support which has her. But the strange thing is, I find her voice similar to Irisviel.


Jaguar Man is what made this episode so funny and enjoyable despite the short fight scene. This IS Fuji-nee herself, much like how Ishtar acts often like Rin. JM’s scenes are taken directly from the game, especially her dialogues. She’s funny, she’s cute and annoying. She is indeed our annoying teacher from Fate/Stay Night, albeit also different because she is Jaguar Man.


Lastly, we have another Ishtar scene with Fujimaru. And it’s cute and sweet like all the rest.


On another side note, the reference to the monsters in the game are hilarious and had me grinning all the way.


Overall, this may have another short fight, but the comedic tone of this episode more than makes up for it. A 9.5/10 for me.

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