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This is the finale of a 3-episode mini-arc that rehashes the Digimon film “Our War Game”, and I must say the studio did a good job despite the entire anime being a remake. The animation is good, and the fight scene is just what I wanted in a Digimon anime. Of course, Omegamon did not go all-out here. And I’m assuming they are reserving his true fighting prowess for the upcoming battles.


The summer camp from the original series still happened, though it was more of a callback rather than an important part of the story. Joe made another cameo appearance, and Sora was finally introduced for a brief scene.


Now despite what I said back in my review for episode 1, the Digital World does actually exist here in the same form we’ve known, as was shown in this episode’s final shot. The most peculiar thing though is the Digidestined who were summoned into the world itself—only six lights were shown instead of the first seven as in the original series, and I’m pretty much excited how this plot change will affect the story itself.


Overall, this episode is a solid 8/10 for me. See you again next week when Digimon Adventure 2020 resumes its broadcasting schedule!

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