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Jura’s true color is finally revealed!

Episode 9 is yet another action-packed episode that sees our heroes fighting for their lives again. And this time, the odds are against their favor!

The Truth

It’s been a recurring theme for the past three episodes to begin each one with a glimpse of Cassandra’s prophetic dream, and episode 9 is no different. This time, we get to see a bloodied Bell looking on in shock.

But what does this really mean? We soon get to find out, apparently, as the scene picks off from the last episode. Bell meets Ryu again, and the elf is not letting him get in the way of killing Jura.

Are her actions justified? It would seem so, considering that Jura was part of Evilus. However, we finally learn that Ryu never killed Jean, the Adventurer they had found. And it is interesting to note that her simple words are honest enough for Bell, who immediately believed her. It emphasizes just how kindhearted he is, and how he is level-headed and don’t easily jump to conclusions.


With the cat out of the bag, Jura finally reveals his real self: a deranged, scheming individual who will stop at nothing to kill Ryu. Naturally, he couldn’t fight due to his injury. And what better way to fight than to summon a giant snake?

The Lambton may be a weird name for a serpentine monster, but don’t let that fool you. It is every bit as deadly as the Moss Huge; after all, it came from the deeper floors. But unlike the Moss Huge, it is a tamed monster, which means that it only obeys its master.

Of course, the fight is difficult. And once again, we see Bell struggling, even with the help of Ryu. The Lambton is just too strong for two Level 4s, even with Bell’s skills and Ryu’s magic. Worse, they aren’t the only ones as Bell’s party confronts Turk and find themselves in the same situation.

The thing about these two battles are the way they are fought. Unlike the previous ones involving pure skills and luck, strategy plays a part in the fights against the Lambtons. Aisha has particularly taken the role of a substitute leader really well, and it is mostly thanks to her quick thinking that the group managed to survive the assault.

Meanwhile, Bell and Ryu’s teamwork is astonishing. Both of them are agile fighters with incredible magic, and even though it’s just the two of them, they handle the fight in seamless coordination. A big factor is their trust with each other, and it is no surprise that they are able to outmaneuver Jura to finally kill his pet.

The Beginning of Despair

At first glance, it seems that the Lambtons are the calamity being referred to in Cassandra’s vision. They were deadly, and everyone had difficulties fighting against the monsters.

But… there’s no despair. There’s no casualties. And while that may seem a good thing at first, in reality, it is proof that the vision will come to pass. For the Lambtons are merely distractions for Jura’s real plan to blow up a part of the dungeon.

The scene itself is full of tension; we don’t know what will come next, and there is a feeling of apprehension as we come to realize that this is the start of the vision. And to drive it further, we see a side of Ryu that we have never seen before: utter hopelessness.


Episode 9 features several great fight scenes. But the highlight is definitely Ryu and her wide range of emotions here. Props to Ayako Kawasumi for giving her best in voicing Ryu  here, which enhances the scenes further. But more than that, the episode in general is really good, especially with its darker tone compared to the previous episodes.

Episode score: 8/10

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