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DANMACHI SEASON 4 EPISODE 21 REVIEW – Love Blossoms Amid Danger

For a penultimate episode, episode 21 offers the audiences a moment of peace before thrusting them back into the action. Bell and Ryu’s relationship finally progresses, leading to a cute yet tender scene between them.

Also, they are naked.

Is It Wrong To Hug A Woman Inside A Dungeon While Naked?

While thrilling action, a good bit of wrldbuilding, and engaging storyline are Danmachi’s strong points, the series is equally famous (or infamous) for feature plenty of lewd scenes and scantily clad women. There’s certainly no steamy and explicit scenes, and the lewd moments have been scarce as the story progresses, but there’s no denying that Danmachi is littered with indecent scenes.

As luck would have it, this episode features one. But unlike the others where it’s more focused on fanservice, it’s safe to say that the lewd moment between Bell and Ryu does serve a crucial purpose.

For one, survival. Being near a river means getting wet, and it is only natural that skin contact is the most efficient way to avoid freezing to death. It is an honest strategy, especially to Ryu who’s always practical, though perhaps she does seek Bell’s warmth for other indecent purposes, even if she herself has warned him of entertaining such thoughts.

An intimate yet practical moment for Bell and Ryu

If this were any other series, the situation where two people are naked would have quickly led to a very steamy moment that would affirm their love for each other. Indeed, the sexual tension between Bell and Ryu is high, bolstered by the fact that Bell has matured into a fine young man.

But no matter how much Zues has taught Bell in the past, the Rabbit Foot is still a gentleman. And since they are still very much in danger, the situation doesn’t really offer a chance for the two of them to act on their body’s urges. If ever there are, that is.

Nevertheless, it is fun to watch the two getting embarrassed. But more than that, we finally see Ryu’s shell melting, with her opening up to the young man she’s beginning to view as more than a friend. This placed her so high in the love interest race, though we aren’t still sure what the future has in store for the Rabbit Foot’s love life.

The Ambush

Despite the relative safety of the river they’ve found themselves in, it is not a viable location to stay for longer; food is absent, and the river is only a temporary safe point. Thus, the journey must continue. Fortunately, the exit is already near.

Unfortunately, the Juggernaut is waiting in ambush.

The exit to the Fifth Ring
The Juggernaut waits in ambush

Much like the Moss Huge, the Juggernaut is a highly intelligent monster with penchant for eating lesser prey to boost its strength. But what makes the Juggernaut so dangerous is its ability to heal itself while acquiring the attributes of the monsters it has eaten.

And the result is as disastrous as one would expect; Bell and Ryu almost don’t stand a chance, and if not for the fact that the Juggernaut is much slower, this would have been the end of the two Adventurers.

Of course, Bell and Ryu’s resolve also saved them from certain death. Ryu, particularly, overcomes her trauma and helps Bell in fighting the nearly invincible monster. Meanwhile, Bell’s quick thinking has once again steered him away from a brutal end. Who else would think of using Firebolt to cauterize a grievous wound?

In any case, it is another retreat for the two, which almost ends them up into the waiting jaws of other monsters. Thankfully, the Juggernaut is quite useful if tricked properly.

The Hero’s Decision

It is really fortunate that Bell and Ryu have once again survived the Juggernaut, but the worse is far from over. Indeed, it could be said that there is no hope this time; both are heavily injured, and the Juggernaut is more stronger than before.

Thus, it is no surprise that Ryu finally gives up and simply wishes to spend her remaining life next to Bell.

Of course, Bell is different. He’s a born hero, and a hero never gives up. So even if all hope seems lost, and especially if all hope seems lost, Bell will keep on fighting to defend the people important to him.

Even if he has to do it alone.

Bell decides to face the Juggernaut alone


Sweet and funny for the first half, suspenseful and action-packed in the second. Episode 21 is a heart-pounding penultimate episode that perfectly sets up an exciting season finale that will see Bell Cranel facing his toughest challenge yet.

Episode score: 9/10

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