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DANMACHI SEASON 4 EPISODE 13 REVIEW – Sinking Deeper Into Despair

Episode 12 may have ended on a quite hopeful note, but it seems that despair is simply waiting until the right moment to rear back its ugly head and consume our heroes.

This was the case for some moments in the last two seasons. However, the second cour of the fourth season dials that up by a lot, and we got to see what Danmachi is if the story is dark and gritty.

The Terrors Of The Deep Floors

Unlike the previous episode, episode 13 finally showed Bell and Ryu’s side of the story. It took at least a good chunk of the 23-minute runtime, and it showed perfectly just how much trouble the duo were in.

Ever since the series began, there’s always hope surrounding the story, particularly Bell himself. He aspires to be a hero just like those in the stories he read, all of whom gave hope even amidst the trials they had faced. Indeed, Bell is the hope of a lot of people, gods and Adventurers alike.

But what if said hero lost hope? That was the case here, and we saw a side of Bell that we haven’t seen before; vulnerable, terrified, and filled with despair. The monsters of the deep floors were simply too strong, and with the Juggernaut chasing him while he carried a barely conscious Ryu, it’s not surprising that the Rabbit Foot gave in to the pressure and anxiety.

Bell and Ryu on the run from the Juggernaut
The Skull Sheep

But we have to thank Ryu for getting him back on track, at least to a degree, even though Ryu herself had lost all hope. That slap was a wake up for Bell, literally, to start focusing on their survival rather than sink in further to hopelessness.

And that’s what really made this part so gripping. Both of them had lost hope; Bell because of their situation, and Ryu because of her injuries. But they needed each other to survive. Bell needed Ryu for her experiences and sharp senses, while Ryu wanted Bell to live through and survive the White Palace.

Bell returning to his senses aftr receiving a slap from Ryu

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy. But it’s interesting that this is how their relationship would grow. Out of all potential love interests for Bell, Ryu isn’t a damsel in distress but a fighter. And seeing them take on the challenges of the Dungeon together is really refreshing to watch.

No Escape

It’s easy to think that with how the previous episode ended, things would really work out well for the rest of Bell’s party; after all, this is usually how epic comebacks happen.

And at first, this is indeed what happened. Amphisbaena was getting wrecked by everyone, and Lili was shining throughout as a commander. Even Cassandra’s pessimism was gone. But true to this season’s tone, everything just goes wrong. Again.

In hindsight, this should be perfectly expected because of Amphisbaena’s nature. It’s a Floor Boss. It’s a strong monster. And for a team of less than ten Adventurers to defeat it is impossible, even with Haruhime’s level boost power and Aisha’s knowledge of the monster. To expect them to come out without casualties is just an illusion.

The Amphisbaena diving for an attack

While light novel readers already know how this part of the story ended, it is still horrifying to see the entire party wiped out in a single dive of the monstrosity that is Amphisbaena. Of course, many had survived, but this episode perfectly dropped a hammer on the audience’s hearts when it showed the apparent fates of two crucial members.

Haruhime saving Lili and Cassandra

Final Thoughts

There were some really interesting details while all of this horrible events were happening. Tsubaki and some of her friends were the first one to answer Hestia’s summons, but it is doubtful if they would arrive before it is too late, or if they are even enough to turn the tide of battle.

Tsubaki arriving in the 18th Floor

Ouka and Aisha’s rage and suicidal charge is only natural given the situation. It may not be the best course of action, but it is expected. And frankly, this only gave more weight to the scene.

Ouka and Aisha charging the Amphisbaena

Then there’s the Deep Floors. The episode perfectly showed how dangerous it was by giving a brief line of worldbuilding; an Adventurer can only rest for five minutes. And given the corpses that Bell and Ryu had seen, it stands to reason that the Deep Floors had already taken the lives of countless Adventurers.

The remains of an Adventurer camp

The question is, will it be the same for the Rabbit Foot and Gale Wind?


Gripping, heart-pounding, and filled with suspense. And even those aren’t enough to really capture the essence of episode 13. In any case, Danmachi’s season 4 just keeps getting better and better with each episode.

Episode score: 8.5/10

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