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The hero rises once more!

Episode 11 ends Danmachi’s fourth season’s first cour. And it ended in a satisfying way while still leaving viewers with a cliffhanger!

Last Stand

Continuing off where the previous episode left off, episode 11 begins in tragedy… or so it seemed. But as luck would have it, Bell is alive!

The Goliath scarf has proven to be a life-saving item, as it allowed Bell to survive getting his neck broken by the Juggernaut’s attack. Indeed, it is a powerful tool, though it could only protect a small part of the wearer.

Unfortunately, Bell is still injured, and Ryu could only do her best to heal him. This scene is interesting because the Gale Wind also possess a healing magic, which is unusual for an Adventurer who has a high combat ability like her. Essentially, this makes her an all-rounder in a party.

In any case, an injured Bell is the least of her worries as the Juggernaut continues its rampage, leaving all but Bors standing. Thus, in a sad twist of fate, Ryu is forced to face the Juggernaut alone for the second time while Bors escape, who finally realized that Ryu participated during the Goliath incident.

As expected, even Ryu’s abilities aren’t enough. Granted, she’s emotionally unstable and exhausted from the fight with Jura and the Lambton. But even at full strength, it’s highly unlikely that she could defeat it.

Ultimately, it ends in her defeat. And it’s really heartbreaking to see her just giving up. Her despair doesn’t just stem from the fact that she couldn’t do anything, but also because in the end, she couldn’t avenge her friends and familia.

Fortunately, the battle is not over as a familiar voice calls out her name.


While Danmachi certainly feature deaths, it is only expected that Bell will be spared from any fatal injury like most protagonists. After all, this is still pretty much his story, and it wouldn’t make sense for him to die when the story isn’t yet finished, right?

Of course, Bell’s recovery is already guaranteed with Marie’s arrival. Her power is simply too broken that she can reattach severed limbs, though with some painful cost to her own wellbeing.

But despite that, and thankfully so, the series still functions with logical development. Bell didn’t get a power-up. The rematch with the Juggernaut is still one-sided, with the added bonus of eliminating Jura in a gruesome death, and Bell is still outmatched.

However, what makes Bell so special is his perseverance. He just doesn’t back down, and in this situation, backing down would mean certain death. His ability to adapt and learn from his previous fights is also one of his defining traits. In this case, using the Goliath scarf as a shield and firing a Firebolt so that Juggy can reflect it back… straight into the Hestia Knife for Bell to unleash a vicious Argo Vesta.

Out of The Pan, Into The Oven

If this is any other typical harem fantasy anime, the Argo Vesta would have already killed the Juggernaut, Bell would return to his friends exhausted but victorious, and he and Ryu would share a romantic scene.

But for all its fanservice and other flaws, Danmachi is still a series filled with unexpected twists. In this case, the Juggernaut is very much alive, and so is the Lambton, creating a deadly duo of violent monsters.

Thankfully, Bell is a quick thinker, and he managed to get Ryu in time before the giant snake swallowed them whole… and carried them to the deep floors. And this isn’t even the worse as Bell’s party encounters the Amphisbaena Monster Rex, a massive two-headed sea dragon.

Which might mean that Cassandra’s prophecy is not yet over.


For a midseason finale, episode 11 is an excellent way to end the first cour. There’s enough tension and suspense to keep audiences at the edge of their eats. And the cliffhanger is simply icing on the cake.

Episode score: 8.5/10

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