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It feels really weird when I realize I’m turning 25 in twelve days; surreal, even. I have accomplished much, but I still have many more goals I want to achieve. And while this pandemic has derailed quite a few plans I have for this year and the next, I’m still optimistic about things in general.

My project story with WYSO is almost finished, and there are just a few edits left before it is fully complete. In the meantime, I’ve been constructing the foundation of Celestial Chronicle’s magic system, which I purposely left vague in The Reaper of Iremia. It’s not on the level of Brandon Sanderson’s magic system in Cosmere, at least for me, but I think many people will enjoy what I have created. Hopefully.

There are quite a few anime releasing soon in this month, two of which are my favorites, so I’ll be busy giving reviews again. Hence, the different layout of my website. Reviewing anime is more of a hobby and a writing exercise for me, but I’m also hoping that I can turn it into an actual job. So please share my website so that others can see my works and reviews. 🙂

In any case, October is going to be a special month for me as always. Only two months left before Christmas, so please stay safe!

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