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The previous episode gave us several details regarding the past of various characters, especially Reiner. We finally learned just how much they went through to become living weapons, and why they chose to that fate in the first place. In the case of Reiner, it was initially to reconcile his family, but soon grew to his goal of ensuring his friends’ safety. Then we have the full reveal of an older Eren and his conversation with Falco, who is similar to him in some ways.

Episode 4 makes Reiner take a backseat this time as the focus switches back to Falco’s group and the political situation in Marley. The Tybur family is officially introduced as the real leaders of Marley, which is ironic since they are pure Eldians. And what’s so interesting about this setup is the fact that the Tyburs truly value peace, as opposed to Marley’s superiority complex, even though they are one of Eldia’s founding families. Just how they are allied with the nation that conquered them is a great mystery, and one that will surely be exciting to know.

Meanwhile, Eren is back once more. And this time, he meets his grandfather. It is really sad to see  the elder Yeager and his grandson talking without the former knowing who Eren is, especially when Mr. Yeager reveals his regret over what happened to his children. I wish we could see more of their interactions, but with the events happening, I think this is the last time we’ll see them together.

With various delegates from the world coming to Marley, it is only natural that there will be a festival to commemorate the end of a war. And with that comes a new experience for the warrior candidates. It is kind of bittersweet that some of them, especially Gabi, didn’t really know what a festival is, which displays just how harsh their living conditions are. Of course, Big Brother Reiner comes to the rescue at the expense of his salary(salary wo sasageyo!), and we are treated with a brief montage of the group simply enjoying themselves like ordinary people.

Episode 4 gives us some interesting plot threads for the arc as well as a massive cliffhanger. Like the previous two episodes, it has no notable fight scenes and features more character interactions and some worldbuilding. Nevertheless, it is a solid 8/10.

New Year is almost upon us, so this is truly my last review for 2020. But as 2021 begins, so does another season of epic animes to watch out for. Stay tuned for more reviews, and have a happy new year!

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