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Things are starting to heat up!

Episode 18 continues the epicness as the Survey Corps returns to the battlefield. With Marley’s surprise attack, Eren and the Yeagerists are pinned down, forcing Onyankopon to  release the veteran squadron.

Mikasa’s resolve is really something else. Even though she knew that her Ackerman blood is forcing her to remain loyal to Eren, she still genuinely wants to help him despite everything that has happened between them. Armin’s optimism further fuels her resolve, along with the rest of the Survey Corps which received reinforcements from the previously imprisoned Pixis and his fellow senior officers. The situation is dire enough that even Yelena would happily form an alliance with them.

Meanwhile, Gabi and Falco are reunited once more after Nile releases Falco. And it is here that Gabi finally earns the character development that she deserves. All throughout the season, we’ve come to hate her for what she represents: the hatred and racism prevalent in Marley against her own people. But after her experiences, and after eavesdropping on Kaya who vows to kill her, Gabi understands that the people in Paradis are simply humans like her and not the devils that she had been led to believe.

A funny and endearing scene involves Falco confessing his love to Gabi. We know this was coming, eventually, though the manner in which he said, combined with the situations, is a balm to a highly depressing atmosphere.

In the battlefield, Eren is showing why he is the perfect bearer of the War Hammer Titan. Despite being outnumbered, he fully utilizes his acquired skills, taking on Reiner and Galliard at the same time—even injuring the latter. However, even his newfound powers are not enough to deter Reiner, and it is only through Zeke’s timely arrival that tips the favor back to Paradis.

The appearance of the Beast Titan poses a major problem for Marley; Zeke is an expert rock thrower, and it soon becomes apparent that he, like Eren, is a one-man army, too. The Marleyan army soon learns just how devastating his skills are, nearly obliterating the airships in a couple of volleys. Things seem to be turning for the worst against the invading force, especially after Zeke notices the withering body of the Cart Titan, and Eren soon makes his way to his brother.

The tension in the last few minutes is very tense, and it would seem like Paradis will be victorious. However, a sudden shot from the Cart’s cannon reveals that Pieck and Magath’s squad has survived the battle, and it is this unexpected that brings down the Beast Titan in another chilling cliffhanger.

Overall, episode 18 is yet another epic and awesome episode. The feeling is very much like season one, but magnified tenfold. The fight scenes are incredible, and we should expect even more epicness as we draw closer to the ending.

Episode score: 9.5/10.

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