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Miorine Rembran (left) and Suletta Mercury (right)

And it’s here! The much-awaited finale of the popular latest Gundam series, The Witch From Mercury, definitely delivers. Of course, it’s not without its flaws, but it does give audiences what they deserve.

A satisfying conclusion.

Mother and Daughters

The penultimate episode gave us a total fright with Eri sacrificing herself to protect Suletta.

But just like what this series always loved to do, such an emotional moment is followed by a relieving news: Eri is still alive even though Aerial is ruined. And it is heartwarming to see Suletta still trying to save her despite everything that she and Elnora have done.

Gundam Calibarn and Gundam Aerial
Calibarn holding a damaged Aerial

This perfectly captures Suletta’s character; a kind girl who doesn’t hold grudges but accepts that everyone makes mistakes and is willing to forgive them. It may be naïve, true, but it is always heartwarming to see a character like her being optimistic despite all the tragedy she has experienced.

Her love also extends to Elnora, more so in fact. And even though her mother may not love her as much as Elnora does Eri, Suletta will go through great lengths to stop their plan of using Quiet Zero.

That includes destroying Quiet Zero itself.

The Witch From Mercury

Ever since the reveal that Suletta was Eri’s clone all along, we know that there’s something special about her. This is proven when she reaches Permet Score 5 and pilots Calibarn without dying. But more than that, we know that as the main protagonist, she’ll eventually perform a feat worthy of a Gundam pilot.

Thus, it is no surprise that she would access the data storm and reunite with a familiar face: Elan 4. It’s a long time coming, and we’re treated with a tearjerking official farewell between Suletta and Elan. It’s interesting to note that Elan is here considering how vague the explanation for data storm is, but perhaps this is just a form of higher dimension where Gundam pilots could interact in death.

Elan Ceres
Elan 4 appears to Suletta

Regardless, Elan isn’t the person that Suletta wanted to see, but Eri. And it is an emotional scene when the two finally reunites without any hostilities toward each other. More so because Suletta could pour out her feelings for her friend and older sister; she genuinely doesn’t want to lose Eri and Elnora, and everyone else she loves.

Unfortunately, the threat still looms with SAL and the Peil crones.

And so we finally come to the greatest scene in the entire series: Eri giving Suletta the power to surpass herself and all Gundam pilots. It is spine-chilling and awe-inspiring to see the Gund Bits merging with the Calibarn, especially with the Witch From Mercury theme blasting in the background, but what truly makes this scene so epic is how it finally shows what a Gundam is truly capable of in this universe: a powerful tool to define humanity’s future.

Calibarn at Permet Score 9 with Aerial’s GUND Bits

With Suletta’s newfound capabilities, it is no surprise that Miorine would execute her endgame plan, essentially disbanding the Benerit Group and giving Earthians the economic power they’ve always needed. It is really hilarious seeing the Peil crones watching in dumbfounded shock at the sudden loss of their entire company, as well as Master Elan’s resignation. However, the worse is far from over; the SAL laser is still active.

Fortunately, Suletta’s power is already strong enough that she commands all Gundams to extend the data storm, allowing her to fully stop the laser’s activation even from thousands of miles away and proving her ideal once and for all.

That Gundams can save lives.

Journey’s End

Most Gundam shows either end in tragedy or on a bittersweet note with a hopeful conclusion to a world-spanning conflict. But once again, Witch From Mercury subverts expectation by giving us an ending that the characters, and we audiences, rightfully deserve.

The Prologue serves as the origin story to Elnora. And throughout the entire story, we saw her evolution; from a caring wife and mother to a mastermind and manipulator hellbent on revenge. We saw her committing grave sins just to further her goal of a world where Eri can live freely without being condemned.

Gundam has always been about moving forward from the past into a brighter tomorrow, and Witch From Mercury perfectly captures that essence through Elnora’s character arc conclusion. The scene of her meeting the ghosts of her past, literally, and her emotional turmoil over her guilt and grief is truly a heartbreaking moment.

But at her core, Elnora is a mother, and nothing is more powerful than a mother’s love. Thus, this love, combined with Ericht and Suletta’s kind words, finally destroys the mask of Prospera Mercury and give us back the Elnora that we’ve always known.

Elnora Samaya (left) and Ericht Samaya (right)
Elnora finally lets go of the past

Of course, her sins can never be forgiven, but it is still satisfying to see a paralyzed Elnora living in peace with her family. And it is not just her who has received her well-earned reward and punishment. Various characters have been given some form of closure one way or another, especially Shaddiq who has taken all the blame for everything.

Undoubtedly, our beloved Suletta Mercury gets the most blessings; a second chance at a peaceful life with Miorine Rembran and the rest of their loving family and friends.

Miorine Rembran (left) and Suletta Mercury (right)
Miorine and Suletta enjoys their married life together


A satisfying conclusion to a series filled with tragedy and drama. Though Witch From Mercury suffered from a stunted season 2 and underdeveloped plot lines, it still managed to deliver an ending that fitted the tone and themes of the series, making it one of the best Gundam shows in today’s age.

Episode score: 10/10

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