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For the first time since the second cour began, Danmachi’s fourth season has finally dedicated an entire episode to Bell and Ryu.

And for good reason. Episode 19 is suspenseful and emotional, and it finally answered a question that’s been on Ryu’s mind since forever.

Can an ideal ever be achieved?

Wisdom and Knowledge

If we compare Ryu’s flashbacks to her present situation, we can see quite a bit of connection between them.

For one, Ryu’s lessons to Bell were passed down to her by her own Familia. In this episode, we see how Lyla encouraged Ryu to use her knowledge and turn it into wisdom that could help others; exactly what she has been doing for the past few episodes.

Lyla, a member of Astraea Familia

In some ways, Ryu is carrying the legacy of her Familia, and passing it onto Bell. From the previous episode, we know that she is ready to give up her life should the situation requires it, and this is her way of ensuring Bell’s survival while keeping the legacy of her Familia alive once she’s gone.

Incidentally, it happens right in this episode.

The Colosseum

What is the Dungeon, exactly?

At this point, the series hasn’t really bothered to explain yet in further detail, and the only thing we know is that it spawns monsters infinitely for Adventurers to fight and grow stronger. That in itself is already a mystery, but the deeper one goes, the more mystery the Dungeon also spawns.

Like the Colosseum.

The place itself is like a mini-Dungeon; monsters spawn in never-ending waves, and though it is a viable source of falna, not even the Loki Familia dares to challenge it for that very reason. Worse, monsters fight each other inside the Colosseum but would quickly converge on Adventurers if they so much as breathe inside.

Is it a place meant to test Adventurers? Bell seemed to think so, but for what? Various hints in the novel point to several threats, both below and outside the enigmatic Dungeon.  However, the monster-infested labyrinth is still shrouded in mystery, and we shouldn’t expect a clear answer any time soon.

Bell and Ryu inside the Colosseum

Since it is the only way out, going inside is mandatory. Of course, a lot of sneaking is involved, and it is arguably the most suspenseful part of the episode. Perhaps even the entire cour.

And just like any scene involving people sneaking past danger, everything simply goes wrong in a matter of seconds.

Ideal Reality

Ever since they’ve fallen to the Deep Floors, Ryu has readied herself to give her life for Bell to escape. It was hinted in the last episode, and her intention is even more clear as they are about to enter the Colosseum.

Indeed, it is a place where such a sad idea could work and is inevitable; after all, they could only sneak inside so far before their intrusion is discovered.

It is obvious that running is the only option. Fighting back is essentially suicide, and the monsters are relentless in their assaults. Even if they both flee, the monsters would simply chase after them.

Thus, Ryu stayed. The scene is one of the series’s most heartbreaking moments, especially when we see how Ryu keeps on fighting and thinking of Bell despite her approaching death. At this point, she is simply keeping what’s left of her dignity. The sad thing is, Ryu is really just ready to give up after everything that has happened.

Ryu sacrificing herself to save Bell

But not Bell.

We all know it: the Rabbit Foot is too stubborn. Even if a situation is hopeless, he would always find a way to save someone. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that he would return to save Ryu, and by utilizing an information she has imparted no less!

As always, Bell’s act of heroism is an epic moment. The soundtrack, the fight choreography, even Ryu’s expression of awe and disbelief—everything contributed to make this scene beautiful.

Bell saves Ryu

But arguably the highlight of this is when Ryu realized that, yes, Alise was right; those who could turn their ideals into reality are true heroes.


Episode 19 didn’t disappoint being dedicated to Bell and Ryu. Aside from yet another of Bell’s epic moments, it also gave viewers an insight into the bond he shared with Ryu, which has only deepened as the season progressed.

And it will only become stronger as Danmachi’s fourth season approaches its conclusion.

Episode score: 8.5/10

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