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DANMACHI SEASON 4 EPISODE 18 REVIEW – Battles, Above and Below

While previous episodes held back on the fight scenes and focused on character interactions and development, episode 18 is slowly easing audiences back on the action. But more than that, the plot is finally progressing and we got to see the return of some familiar faces!

Ideal vs Reality

At this point, it is safe to assume that while Ryu loves her familia dearly, she also doesn’t agree with some of their perspectives. And frankly, that is only natural; no one is perfect, even if they are your friends.

The problem stems with Ryu’s idealistic nature, which often clashes with the practical and realistic views that most of her friends share. It is implied that this isn’t the first time Ryu had butted heads against the more cynical and pragmatic members of the group, particularly Kaguya.

Ryu and Kaguya arguing about justice

Seeing the drama unfold further lends a bittersweetness to Ryu’s tragic backstory. But more than that, we finally realize that she is not too different from Bell, whose stubbornness got him to where he was.

Even her best friend, Alise, gently reminded Ryu that there is a fine line between chasing ideals and being realistic, especially if a decision could save many lives even if there are sacrifices. Still, Alise is only partial to that, and she also wanted an ending where everyone could live.

Ryu and Alise discussing about ideals

We all knew that was not the case for her and the rest of the familia. However, she did have a point when she told Ryu that if someone could turn their ideals into reality, they are heroes. And if those words are anything to judge by, it is not long before Ryu sees that fulfilled by a certain white-haired Adventurer.


One of the best things in Danmachi is how most characters get to shine in fight scenes, even if briefly. And for this episode, there are a lot of characters who received the spotlight.

First, the Xenos are back! While the previous episode showed them, episode 18 gives them more screen time, including familiar characters like Rido and Gros. And as expected they are still as powerful as ever. Perhaps even more powerful as they easily defeated the wild monsters attacking Bell’s party.

But arguably the best part in this scene is the return of Wiene. The Xenos girl has undergone quite a few changes, mostly in her personality. While she’s still the loving Wiene we’ve seen in season 3, she’s more serious and mature now, at least judging by her brief screen time. Interestingly, she approached Haruhime first, though that’s not surprising considering the bond they had during the Xenos arc.

Wiene returns after season 3

The Xenos aren’t the only ones who have arrived to turn the tide of battle. Tsubaki’s party has finally met up with the expedition team. And for a party of level 4 Adventurers, they are arguably strong. One scene that stands out is when Tsubaki saw Welf’s newly forged magic sword. Her expression is simply priceless, and we can tell how proud she is of her friend.

Tsubaki, captain of Hephaestus Familia

The battle may have been finished quite fast thanks to the reinforcements, but the quest is far from over. Bell and Ryu are still in danger, and everyone has to continue regardless of the risk, including a very reluctant Bors that had to be forced.

Despite that and some of the other members’ misgivings, Lili is a brave commander, and an assertive one at that. She is really stepping to fill in the temporary void left by Bell, who is mostly a frontline fighter than a strategist. Thus, it is no surprise that the team follows her.

Lili giving orders

Stil, even with the Xenos acting as vanguard, the journey to the Deep Floors wouldn’t be easy. And Bell and Ryu can attest to that.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

As the MC, it is expected that Bell is an exceptional Adventurer. Indeed, right from the pilot episode of the first season, we already know that he’s going to be powerful.

Despite that, his growth is still one of the most interesting parts of the series. Unlike other MCs who become stronger because of plot devices and duex ex machina, Bell is the kind of protagonist that constantly learns from his mistakes and the lessons passed to him by other more experienced Adventurers.

Such is the case in Bell’s and Ryu’s section of the story. Despite facing monsters that could kill an entire party, Bell managed to bring them all down simply by combining the advices he had received from both Ryu and Ais as well as his own shrewdness. He’s also a quick thinker, utilizing his unicorn knife to counteract a deadly poison while Ryu just stood there and watched him scream in pain for some inexplicable reason.

Bell and Ryu surrounded
Bell using the unicorn knife

But the thing is, we know that wouldn’t be enough. The Juggernaut is a powerful opponent; it could even boost its strength by eating monster crystals similar to the Moss Huge, which would enhance its already ridiculous array of abilities. And to top it off, the possible location of the showdown between Adventurers and monster might have already been revealed.

An apt place called the Colosseum.

The Colosseum


With 5 episodes left in this season, Danmach is gradually returning to an action-packed story. While episode 18 didn’t feature any significant fight scene, it does set up a huge one that should prove to be another epic moment for the series.

Episode score: 8/10

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