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I’m a day earlier in posting this. Hahaha!

November is here. And as the old month ends, so do old projects for me. I am finally done with the first AND last draft of my project for the Worldsmith Youth Serving Organization. The book is a standalone fantasy novel, titled “The Magic Maker”, and it is quite different from my previous works. It’s more of a slice of life with a splash of literary fiction, involving business management and the effects of illiteracy in society, and I’m very excited when we finally release it. There are only several finishing touches left, then we will be announcing it.

In other news, I have several new upcoming and tentative projects. First is a short prequel tie-in to “The Reaper of Iremia” that I plan to use as a lead magnet to build my email list. It will be distributed first in Story Origins, and I’ll be announcing it within the next two months. The first draft is about 40% complete, so it shouldn’t take long before I finish it.

I was also requested to do a review for a historical fiction, the first time I’ve received such a request on Twitter. I’ve not read very far into it, but I can say it’s interesting. And speaking of reviews, there’s an opening for anime reviewers on a local website, which I plan to apply for. Hopefully, I can get accepted. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, the magic system for Celestial Chronicles is still under construction, but it is nearly finished, and I’m excited to create new stories based around it. On the other hand, “A Slayer’s Diary” is still in an unplanned hiatus. Rest assured though, I will return to it as soon as I can get a free schedule.

Christmas is almost upon us. I promised myself I’ll get a PS4 as a gift for myself, but unforeseen circumstances this year have horribly foiled that plan of mine. 😅 I guess I’ll just have to wait until this pandemic is over and continue saving up until I can buy one.

Stay safe!

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